Heavy Flute Rock from Dresden / Germany

Wucan is a german rock band from Dresden, who like to describe themselve as Heavy Flute Rock. If one is to dive deeper into the artistic creativity of the group, it becomes obvious, why regular genres won’t fit here. Multifaceted and playful they deliver psychedelic riffs, progressive song structures with folk elements here and there, since their first album. Wucan fears neither the soothing melodies, nor the tougher pace.

Reinventing themselve with every release, the band and it’s singer and multiinstrumentalist Francis tobolsky never looser their distinct features. Ranging from short proto-metal tracks to epic 15 minute tracks like “Wandersmann” of their debut album or „Aging 10 Years in 2 Seconds“ of their 2-LP follow up.

During the pandemic, while the musical landscape was forced in hibernation, Wucan put all their time and energy into unleashing their creativity in the local rehearsal room. In late spring 2022 their third studio album will finally surface and reveal another face of this ever-surprising band.